NODHA Presidential Message~ 

I was fortunate enough to attend the ADHA 2019 Annual Conference in Louisville, KY a few days prior to composing the President's Message.  Before the trip, I thought about what direction I would like for this message to go in and how I would introduce myself to existing members and potential members of NODHA.  I actually had intentions of writing this before the conference, but I am so happy I waited until after.  I left Louisville with inspiration, enthusiasm and respect for our wonderful profession.  Not that I didn't feel this way already, but the conference seemingly deepened or perhaps awakened my feelings about dental hygiene.  It is such a beautiful thing to attend a meeting completely devoted to dental hygienists.  Students, educators, researchers, and clinicians sharing a common interest of increasing knowledge while advancing our profession.  The energy there was contagious and I hope that I can live that same energy every day for patients, students, and colleagues.

I am honored to serve as NODHA President for 2019-2020.  I have been so grateful to be under the mentorship of Carrie Daigle Bach, who will now serve as Past-President.  As most of you know, Carrie has been involved with the NODHA Board since 2006 and has held a variety of leadership positions during that time.  She has been an integral part in influencing change within the organization.  I would also like to acknowledge the officers of the NODHA Board, some long-standing and others newly appointed, who mutually work together to provide resources and information to the dental hygiene community.  I would additionally like to welcome Tricia Barker who will be serving as President-Elect for 2019-2020.

As an organization, we are trying some new things.  We will be offering a couple of CE events on the Northshore this upcoming year.  Stay tuned for developments with this.  We are also hoping to foster a stronger relationship with dental hygiene students so they can see the value and benefits of membership in professional organizations.  As always, we will continue to provide CE courses with topics that are relevant to the practice of dental hygiene.

As NODHA President, I hope to contribute to the progressive environment that has already been cultivated within the organization.  I am looking forward to a great year and I would like to say thank you to all members and potential members for supporting NODHA, your professional organization.  NODHA Proud!

Respectfully submitted,

Heather B. Allen, RDH, BSDH, MSHCM